Certified Primitive Reflex Clinical Specialist - CPRCS

Certified Primitive Reflex Clinical Specialist

Who is Eligible

Independently licensed professionals, including:

  1. Occupational Therapist
  2. Athletic Trainer (must be BOC certified)
  3. Chiropractor
  4. Physical Therapist
  5. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  6. Physical Therapist Assistant
  7. Speech Language Pathologist
  8. Registered Nurse
  9. Massage Therapist

Learn more about who can become certified from our detailed list of eligible CPRCS professionals.

Training Requirements

A minimum of 18 hours of continuing education in specific primitive reflex topics. Learn more about CPRCS certification training requirements.

Pre-approved, 3rd party trainings that meet the training requirements for CPRCS certification include:

  1. Certification in Primitive Reflex Integration by PESI - Certification Included!

Wondering if a course meets the requirements for CPRCS certification? Submit a copy of or link to the course title, speaker, outline and learning objectives to info@evergreencertifications.com for review.

Please note that Evergreen Certifications does not offer continuing education, all training must be purchased directly through the accredited training organization. Training is not included in the certification fee.


The applicant must present and discuss a minimum of 2 clinical case studies focused on primitive reflex integration in a consultation session with an Evergreen Certifications approved consultant. During the consultation the applicant must also demonstrate proper assessment of the following reflexes: Moro, Palmar, Asymmetrical Tonic Neck, Symmetrical Tonic Neck, Tonic Labyrinthine, and Spinal Galant. This can be done either via live demonstration or recorded video.

Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, ND, CH, CFPS, CPRCS
KAREN PRYOR, PhD, PT, DPT, has a doctorate in physical therapy and has practiced for 40 years in the field. Involved with birth to three through early intervention since 1986, she developed techniques to be utilized in homes, childcare centers, and school systems to advance therapy programs in children. Karen is a sought after speaker on Neuroplasticity across the United States. With her years of experience and passion for complete wellness, Dr. Pryor assists in advancing the wider view of how therapy can be integrated from birth through a person’s lifespan.

Application Process

  1. Complete a qualifying training
  2. Remit your initial application payment of 299.99 USD online
  3. Upload the following documents to your account:
    1. A copy of the candidate’s professional license
    2. Evidence of completion of qualifying training, in the form of a CE or completion certificate
    3. Evidence of completion of Primitive Reflex clinical case review session
    4. A completed CPRCS application form


To maintain CPRCS certification, a renewal is required. After your initial 2-year certification, you can renew for 2 years. A 2-year renewal requires 12 CE hours in any of the following topics: Primitive Reflex, Executive Function, Sensory Processing Disorders, Emotional Regulation, or Neuroplasticity.

Sample CPRCS renewal trainings include:

  1. Primitive Reflex Integration Course by PESI
  2. Advanced Primitive Reflex Course by PESI
  3. Self-Regulation Certificate Course by PESI
  4. Executive Function in Kids & Teens Course by PESI
  5. Neuro-Based Self-Regulation Toolbox Course by PESI
  6. Certificate Course to Integrate Primitive Reflexes for Optimal Function - by PESI
  7. Primitive Reflexes Influence on Eye Alignment & Body Function: What to Look for & How to Treat - by PESI

Renewal CE content cannot be the same content used for prior renewal or initial certification

Renewal Process

  1. Complete a qualifying training
  2. Upload the following documents to your account:
    1. A copy of the candidate’s professional license
    2. Evidence of completion of qualifying training, in the form of a CE or completion certificate
  3. Remit your CPRCS renewal fee of 149.99 USD online

Learn more about renewing your CPRCS certification with Evergreen Certifications.

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